Meteor.js Technologies


Meteor is an open-source JavaScript web application framework written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (web, Android, iOS) code.

Meteor Components:

  • Command line tool
  • View layer
  • Livequery
  • Full-stack package system
  • Build system with Phonegap/Cordova

Riza Fahmi said Meteor is fun, perfect for startups and it’s the future. Maybe you guys are so curious why he said meteor is perfect for startups. Actually he had his own reasons:

1. Easy to learn, even for new developers

According to seven principles of Meteor, one of its principles is “Simplicity equals productivity”. Meteor was designed to be easy to learn, including for beginners. We don’t have to learn everything at the start. For example, Meteor automatically synchronize data between all your users in real time for you: you don’t have to think about it until you’re ready to add custom rules for who can see what. Also, Meteor are easy to installed.

2. We can build product or prototype very fast with smart packages

Meteor was designed to build by smart packages which means that every change you have made, meteor will be reactive, meaning that any change of your data is automatically reflected everywhere throughout the app (including the user interface) without need for callbacks. For example, if we built a to-do list page, with reactivity we don’t need a callback to insert the new HTML element into the list. As soon as Meteor receives the new item, it automatically propagates the change to the user interface, without any intervention on our part. Besides that, Meteor runs in a real-time, so both your changes and the the changes made by other users are instantly reflected in the UI.

3. Meteor is optimized for developer happiness

Meteor is simply automates a lot of boring tasks, such as linking up and minifying style sheets and Javascript code. It also take care of routine stuff for you on the back end, letting you add user accounts to the app with a single line of code.

Riza Fahmi also held a demo about how to build messenger application in less than 5 minutes using Meteor. It was so fun and interesting.

Are you interested in using Meteor to build new products or prototypes? If you are curious, you can learn more about meteor by visiting