Zero to One



Founder of Kurio, a smart news app, an app that help user to find, explore and read the news about travel, national & international news, fashion, technology and any other categories, He started his career in GDP Ventures, a venture capital company, founded in 2010 and since then he involved in, merahputih incubator and kurio.

Zero to one

He start the presentation with this book that he found really good to read and we can learn about how to build a product and the product development from it. The title is “Zero to One” which from this book he learned that building products is about storytelling and connecting the dots, knowing what we want to do in a narrative way. Building product is about building something from non-existence to existence. Why is it become like a storytelling? Product-related work somehow have an interaction with a lot of characters and actors behind it. Any product managers could not pinpoint their job description because they involved with a lot of actors and interaction. They involved with users task such as making a research or feedback survey, get along with engineers and designers when they need certain guidance or information to develop the product into a good positive growth and also they need to make an alignment between the needs from all related fields such as marketing and business people with the company vision about the future of the product. Like storytelling, a product development also have user stories, which needed to find a problems and user requirements in order to give solution back to the users.

For him, the ability to tell a stories about product in a good narrative way is really important, so he make it as a habit for his on-board employees to tell him the story about the product (Kurio) in a most narrative way because this ability is similar with our ability to tell the people about our self. For him, in order to build product that have a strong alignment with the core of product value proposition, he needs to decide very early one metric that matter most (OMTM). Because building products nowadays is very different, there’s a lot of enthusiasm in between the process which can make a noise that tempted us to build product that can solves every problem but not solve one single specific real problem that really matters. Once we found out about the OMTM, we can breakdown it into more specific metrics and in Kurio’s case, he put more attention in retention rate. It took me to the next question which how we can make a right decision based our metrics ? he answers it with a bold statement that data is the CEO. He believed that every product can be measured and we can decide objectively through the data that represents users and we can use it to validate our product.

In the early days, Kurio starts to asking the right question internally. A lot of time most of them know about what they want to do, some of them know how they want to do, but very few of them know about why people need to use this products. He also mentioned about the book called The Golden Circle.

Why this matters ? because having the right “why” from the day one, it can helps us to go through the hard times, it will helps us to pick some tough decision, and it can helps us to hire the best talent in industry to join with us. The best talent really care about the reason behind our products. And he refers that this thing had been applied on big company such as Nike and Apple.

The study case about data is the CEO in Kurio is about the redesign in the home screen of Kurio.

The elements that change is really make big difference in the way of Kurio served it’s content. The data shows that the number of retention rate from the left picture, pretty much lower than the right picture. Why this is happened ? because users can easily find the content that they want to read in right picture. Since Kurio make this change, the retention rate increase slightly more than the design in the left picture.

In the end of this session, he close it with Trust the data, what the users say is not the same with what they do. And i totally agree with it and i assumed we all agree with him too, right ?